Pennine House Clearance


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Pennine House Clearance


  • Q:We have just a few items to dispose of including a settee. It's not a full clearance, do you do this sort of work?

  • A:Yes, we can give you a free quote over the phone for this kind of work.


  • Q:We need a full clearance, and there is nothing of any value. There is also a garden shed, and some garden waste to clear. Is this this feasible?

  • A:This is fine, we charge by the van load and can give a free quotation.
  • Q:We are a property management company and need some items a previous tennant left in the house clearing.  It also needs a clean and vacuum and garden tidiying.

  • A:Yes, We can clean and clear including kitchens and bathrooms, we leave air fresheners in all rooms ensuring the property is ready to be re-let.  We also trim and tidy any gardens if required.


  • Q:We have cleared a relatives house and there are just a few antique items left. Would you be interested in buying them?

  • A:We are experienced valuers of antiques and collectables. We will either purchase these, or just give you a valuation.


  • Q:Our Mums house need clearing. We think there are some items of value, as well as lots of things of little value. There is also lots of rubbish to clear. Is this something you do?

  • A:Yes, this is no problem. However, we guide customers to be aware that there is very little value in second hand furniture. We are experienced in valuing quality pieces of furniture, antiques and collectibles. We can also then asses the cost of clearing and cleaning the rest of the property.


  • Q:One of our relatives has passed away, and we need the house clearing. Our solicitor is acting for probate. Can we have a written itemized quote and the invoice sent to the solicitor upon completion?

  • A:Yes, this is fine. We can work with your solicitor, and we give you a copy of the itemized lists/ valuations, and invoice your solicitor upon completion.


  • Q:We don't live in the area, but the house in question is in the area you cover. The estate agent has the keys. Could you liaise with the estate agent, and provide a quote for clearing the house?
  • A:This is not a problem. We often collect the keys from the estate agents in order to assess a clearance. We also offer cleaning and gardening services.


  • Q:Do you recycle the waste and furniture?

  • A:Yes, we are passionate about recycling and strive to recycle as much as possible, and donate as much safe furniture as is possible.